In cooperation with the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, the Al-Qadisiyah University organizes a symposium on "Dynamical brain modelling"..

Al-Qadisiyah University organized in cooperation with the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine a symposium on "Dynamical brain modelling" as part of its communicative program with the scientific and academic institutions, including the Iraqi universities. Dr. Shamel Hadi Muhsin from the American Auckland University (an Iraqi expatriate professor) has lectured at this seminar, which focused on the dynamic causation theory of the brain (theoretical and practical), as a part of the studies and research held by a selection of American professors, including the lecturer who was invited by the holy shrine for setting up lectures and seminars to create a state of scientific communication between the holy shrine and the scientific and academic institutions, in order to open new horizons in the development of the scientific movement in the world in various science, and this within its available means harnessed for the development of this field.

This seminar is the first of a series of other scientific lectures that will be held later to illustrate the field and to move on to the practical application stage, which is in line with the university approach and from the principle of the sophistication of the scientific and academic side, which is the ultimate goal to develop all its pillars, to enhance the education reality through the development of the teaching staff capabilities by opening the possibilities of scholarships for them, and to contribute in the improvement the capabilities of the students by linking their scientific expertise through joining and framing the scientific theory and the practical reality.

The seminars witnessed distinguished attendance and interaction by professors and university teaching staff in addition to concerned students, who all called to the recurrence of such seminars, which make the Iraqi professor and student be in direct contact with the international scientific breakthroughs in all scientific fields, especially in this area which is one of the rare specialities in the world.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Shamel Hadi Muhsin is an Iraqi professor resident in USA, who holds a PhD in Electronic computing from the American University of Auckland, and he has many research about the dynamic causality models that are published in the international research centres in USA. He has authored two books published in the universities of Michigan and Auckland, and he started giving lectures and conducting training sessions since 2007 in many Iraqi universities.
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