For the first time in Iraq: The wooden structure of the new grid of Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him)..

The pieces composing the new grid of Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) are characterized of several advantages in line with the stature and importance of this project. This wooden structure is the main axis and the basis point on which will be installed all other parts of the holy grid.

The honour of this work has been assigned to the department of engineering maintenance at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine (Carpentry Division), which is the first Iraqi body that manufacture a wooden structure of a holy shrine's grid. This division has taken at the first phase the responsibility of the adjustment of the required measurements that are replica of the old [current] grid, followed by the phase of the calculation of the weighs of gold and silver and the parts that will cover this structure, and after the study that was developed upon these measurements and weighs, the required quality wood has been selected.

The used wood was the the teak Burmese, which was imported from India and which is characterized by several features, including the resistance to various environmental conditions of moisture and others, the resistance of heavy weights and it is not exposed to insects such as termites or others. The raw wood was formed and cut according to the dimensions of the structure using special machines that were configured for this purpose under the supervision of the technical staff, the technical and engineering operations were conducted according to the required measurements, which were:

Length: 540 cm, consists of four knot-works "Duhna". Width: 412 cm, consists of three knot-works "Duhna", height: 400 cm, noting that the dimensions of each piece of knot-work "Duhna" are (117cm x 214cm) with a thickness of 8 cm.

Between each knot-work four main pillars of (50cm x 20cm) with the height of the grid, noting that all the wooden parts are of one piece without resorting to any linking material, for fear of their opening up with the time, characterized by its accuracy and durability. The wooden pieces making the grid are divided to:
A- 6 pieces of (25cm x 25cm x 580cm)
B- 12 pieces of (20cm x 15cm x 580cm)
C- 10 pieces of (15cm x 15cm x 580cm).

The wood was cut according to the required measurements then purified and dissected to two faces, followed by the drill to connect the "Zubana", and then joining all the pieces with each other on the four sides of the holy grid, which contains four "Duhna" for two sides; side of Al-Qiblah and the northern side, and three "Duhna" in the two other sides, side of the feet -the entrance of the holy grid- and the side of the holy head.
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