Within its preparations of the International Cultural Festival of martyrdom, the Preparatory Committee of the documentary films' competition announces the participation conditions..

After the success of the Hussayni documentary competition in the previous edition of the International Cultural Festival of Martyrdom's spring. The Supervisory committee of this competition has considered to set new conditions for best results and to achieve the desired goals for which this international competition was established.

Sheikh Ammar Al-Hilali, a member of the Preparatory Committee overseeing this competition and the head of the Department of Cultural Affairs at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine explained to the Al-Kafeel Network the documentary competition's terms that are as follows:

1- The film's subject should be about the Hussayni matter, dealing with one of its dimension (and to serve the goal of the festival).
2- The film should not be displayed previously in any media channel, website or mobile app.
3- The films that are not in Arabic should be either dubbed or translated to classical Arabic.
4- The length of the film should not exceed 20 minutes.
5- All films should be sent before the 10th of Rajab.
6- The participating film copy should delivered on a DVD directly to the head of the department or to send it via (rabee@alkafeel.net) to view the film before the mentioned date.
7- The following informations should be written on the cover of the DVD or on the Email: (the title of the film, its length, the director's name, the original language of the film if not Arabic) The film should not include any logo.
8- The supreme supervising committee has the right to keep all the received films and storing them to built a digital archive "Hussayni Documentary Library".
9-The films' owners don't have the right to present it at any other festival or competition before obtaining a written approval from the supreme supervising committee of the festival.
10-The list of the participating films is announced by the supreme committee before the starting date of the festival.
11- There will be no deletion or alteration or editing to the film under no circumstances, it will be either accepted as it is or rejected.
12- The films participating in the competition should have the logo of the festival.
13- Fill the participation form and sending it to rabee@alkafeel.net.
14- The film must take into account the sanctity of the Hussayni matter, the religious, political and social norms of the country.

Sheikh Al-Hilali explained that only the more closer participating films to the goal of the festival will be chosen by a jury composed of several directors from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iran and Iraq. Noting that the first prize will be of 5000$, the second prize is of 3500$ and the third prize is of 2000$, while the rest of the seven remaining prizes will be of 1000$ each.
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