A clear progress in the completion of Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital with the arrival of most of its medical equipment..

All the projects undertaken and carried out by the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine are geared to serve the Iraqi citizens, some of them are in direct contact with the visitor, while others aim to alleviate the burden on the citizen by contributing within the possibilities to reduce their suffering, with the health aspect comes at the forefront. On this basis, the project of the Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital was established , as the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine wanted it to be an exemplar hospital at all levels, from the architectural point to the equipment, administrative and medical staff. And, by the blessings of Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) this project reached an advanced completion percentage that is more than 88%, following a very sophisticated work plan that has been developed according each phase in order to keep pace with the global development taking place in the construction of any health and medical facility.

Al-Kafeel Global Network within its follow up of the ongoing projects of the holy shrine, had a field tour in the pavillions of this vital project, which will be -InshaAllah- a pride not only at the holy city of Karbala but in Iraq and the countries in the region. And despite some obstacles that every big projects has to face, the works continued systematically with the tact of the Management of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine and its engineering projects department supervising the executing company, which civil and mechanical works achieved advanced percentage of 90 % while the installation of the different systems (Electricity, Alarm, Fire Alarm, Sounds, Internet, Communications, Lighting and other) reached 100 %.

The stage of the finishing was divided also to other several stages according to the plan put by the project's executing company (the Engineering company of Archimedes from the Republic of India, and the Iraqi group of companies Al-Baldawi), to work on each floor separately, after which its equipment will be installed, and then move on the next floor of a total of 6 floors with a capacity of 200 beds.

These works are accompanied with other works according to specialities, as there are 12 halls and laboratories that need special works before covering and painting the walls to ensure that there will be no contamination with any material or bacteria, as well as the conducted works of covering the main façades of the hospital.

Also, all the works on the special laboratories for the production of oxygen, nitrogen, Co2 and water treatment (RO) has been completed along with the system to supply the building with fresh air to ensure healthy air movement in the hospital away from the external weather conditions, odours, dust and other environmental effects.

On the other hand, and in parallel with these works, after that the executing company has finalized its contract to equip the hospital with all hospital and medical equipment, according to each speciality. And under the supervision of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine and its engineering projects department it started importing them, and up to now, 90 % of them was received, some was taken to the hospital stores while others are directly installed in the hospital while the rest devices and equipment are in the stores of the holy shrine.

It is worth to mention that the hospital is built on an estimated area of (5,000 m2) on six floors, consisting of (135 beds) distributed according to the needs of each speciality (emergency and others), and also contains 12 operations' rooms, plus emergency clinics, consultancy and outpatient clinics. The aim of this project is to support the health sector in Iraq in general, and the province of Karbala in particular, and to complement the previous health projects, and to assist the local government, which is currently implementing many of the health projects, as a contribution of the shrines of the holy city of Karbala for minimizing the shortfall mentioned in the health field.
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