The nursery of the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine welcomes the spring with 900 thousand of diverse and distinct plants..

The group of Al-Kafeel nurseries for decoration and landscaping at the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine achieved a tangible progress this season in quantitative and qualitative terms, as it welcomed the spring with 900 thousand seasonal and perennial plants from international origins that are appropriate to the environmental conditions and the climate variability in Iraq. This progress experienced by the nursery was not coincidental but thanks to the blessings of Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) and the sincerity of its employees, who have spared no effort and time to reach these good and concrete results, as well as the unlimited support of the Secretariat General of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, which has provided everything that can help in the success and development of all its projects, among of which the group of Al-Kafeel nurseries for decoration and landscaping that witnesses a continuous and sustained progress, as its expertise in dealing with seedlings is comparable to the international expertise by using the latest methods in this field.

The official of the group of Al-Kafeel nurseries of the service affairs at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, Mr. Mu'ayyad Hatif Mohammed explained to Al-Kafeel Network which had a tour in the nursery, saying: "Al-Kafeel nursery works according to a plan that has been developed for its progress and development, including various kinds of seedlings and plants that can grow in the environmental and climatic conditions of Iraq. After equipping the holy shrine with all its facilities with trees and shrubs, we started the largest project of tree-planting the main and sub roads of the holy city of Karbala, a continuous project through which we could promote the landscaping and flowering culture, as we started selling the products of the nursery to the citizens and municipal departments at competitive prices."

Adding: "Al-Kafeel nursery is not seasonal and is not limited to certain specific types, but it updates its plants throughout the year. But the spring is special as it is the best time for the growth, regeneration, planting and garden decoration. And, thanks to God, we have achieved this season 900 thousand plants with multiple shapes, sizes and varieties, most of which grew within the nursery, after that we conducted experiments that have proven them successful, so we had limited the import and it is the main method used by other civil nurseries. Our focus was on distinctive seedlings such as Petunias, Chrysanthemum, Mesembryanthemum, Bipinella, Zinnia Elegans, Calendula oOficinalis, Marigold, royal Ester, Gazania, Royal Aster, Rosa Bracteata, Ficus Benjamina, Egyptian Acacia, Fistola Acacia and others. The nursery also produces the Dutch Cynodon Dactylon, which is characterized by its permanent green colour in summer and winter."

At the end, Mr Mu'ayyad invited all municipal departments in Iraq to visit the nursery to see its production, as it is ready to provide them with what they need in the landscaping of the streets and side-walks, mid-streets with suitable species for the Iraqi weather at subsidized and competitive prices that are much less than the import.
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