Iraq's Ambassador in Sultanate of Oman visited the pavilion of the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine at the book exhibition in Muscat..

Iraq's Ambassador in Sultanate Oman, Dr. Amal Musa Hussayn expressed her happiness for what she has seen at the pavilion of Al'-Ameed International Centre for research and studies of the Department of the Intellectual Affairs at the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine within the events of Muscat international book exhibition in its twentieth edition in Sultanate of Oman, which has started on Wednesday 5th of Jumada Al-Ula 1436AH corresponding to the 25th of February 2015 and will last for ten days. The Ambassador described the centre's participation of the distinguished and the diversified as it includes a variety of books and publications in different fields, and also it is a good opportunity to brief the visitors about this holy place and how it became a centre of science and knowledge and a beacon of thought and culture.

During her visit, Iraq's Ambassador in Sultanate Oman has listened to a brief explanation about this first participation of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine in this cultural event, as a first participation of all Iraq's holy shrines. She was also briefed about the nature of the Centre's activity, the work assigned to it and the magazine that it issues, as well as holding conferences and scientific and academic seminars that aim to contribute to the development of the Iraqi academic movement.

At the end of her tour in the pavilion, the Iraq's Ambassador stated the following: "It was said that Egypt writes, Beirut publishes and Iraq reads.. But from now on and after what I have seen we could say proudly that currently Iraq writes, publishes and reads. May your work be blessed as it is a source of delight and pride that gives a honouring image about Iraq, the land of Imams, prophets and righteous."

Adding: "We hope that those in charge at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine continue and sustain these kind of participations trying to widen them to include all countries, to be a point and a chance to see the world's publications. This pavilion is a pride of all Iraqis, it gave an honourable image of the Iraqi culture in particular and of the Arab culture in general, as the progress of the Iraqi intellectual movement contribute strongly to the renaissance of the Arab thought and culture."

It is worth mentioning that the objective of the creation of the Al-'Ameed International Centre for Research and Studies is to take care of the research academic work with a specific institutional mechanism, to pursuit the knowledge ambitions, to support the cultural, intellectual and university movement through the academic minds and their publications, to embrace the scientific projects with innovative spirit, to serve the society and especially the university with the help of the best of academicians to create an active society that is capable to create a living knowledge industry.
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