The advancement of works of the Al-Kafeel technical garage..

In order to provide a variety of services to the holy city of Karbala and its visitors, the administration of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine established different large and vital projects in services, intellectual and investment fields, including the project of the Al-Kafeel technical garage, which is classified within the modern service and strategic projects that are established for the first time in Karbala and in Iraq, prompting the holy holy shrine to make more efforts in order to accomplish and complete this project at the best way in order to be a model of the design and execution.

Al-Kafeel Network within its continuous follow up of the projects of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, has a field tour in this vital project and met with the body overseeing its implementation; the department of the engineering projects at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine. the head of this department , the Engineer Dea' Majeed As-Sa'egh has briefed us on the latest updates of the project, stating: "This project being one of the vital projects carried out for the first time in Iraq, which made the executing company (Ard Al-Quds General Contracting Ltd and Al-Kafeel Public Investments) expedite the works according to the plans agreed upon. The completion percentage reached more than 47%, achieved in record time despite the administration obstacles for the import of some special equipment for the construction of the projects' facilities, which remain in the Iraqi ports for a long time. Noting that the inception of the project is based on steel structures that are imported from Malaysia."

He added: "Despite all these obstacles, the works are continuous in all sections of the project. In section A that is dedicated to the administration of the project, there are meeting rooms, parking, sanitary facilities and a cafeteria, as well as halls and other services rooms such as the chambers of control systems (electricity, alarm, fire alarm..) It consists of three floors that have reached 50% of completion. This section includes also a gas station of a capacity of one million and seventy-three thousand litres of fuel (Diesel and gasoline) by 29 reservoir of 37 thousand litres, which completion percentage is of 85%. The gas station includes also an administration building and station's control rooms."

Mr. As-Sa'egh continued: "As regards of the section B, the completion ratio is of 60%, and the section C reached 40%, while in section D the works of pouring concrete columns of the structure have been completed and the works of planning the internal ceilings and walls were launched. The civil works of section E have been accomplished to be followed by the stage of the installation of structures' steel columns on the basis. All these sections included important infrastructure works as they are used for the purposes of maintenance of small, large and heavy vehicles, which needs bigger reservoirs, larger streams, stronger basis, hydraulic cranes and other infrastructures that have been all completed."

It is noteworthy that the Al-Kafeel technical garage is the first specialized garage created in Iraq according to international high-quality standards, and is built on an area of 72.125 m2 including a construction area of 42 thousand m2. And it has been divided to five complexes that are:
1- Administration complex.
2- Gas station
3- Workshops for repairing light vehicles.
4- Workshops for repairing heavy vehicles.
5- Storing complex for both light and heavy vehicles.
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