According to the latest sustainability criteria, Al-Kafeel nurseries succeed in the proliferation of European and Asian plants and announce its readiness for their implantation in the municipalities and for individuals..

Al-Kafeel nurseries of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine have succeed in the proliferation of ornamental plants of European and Asian origins and their rehabilitation with the local environment according to the latest sustainability standards and with modern proliferation ways that take into account all the germinating factors by creating a suitable environment for them. This what was announced by the official of the nursery Mr. Mu'ayyad Hatef Mohammed to Al-Kafeel Network.

He added: "Considering the need of our nursery of special varieties of permanent and seasonal ornamental plants, and to minimize the expenses and costs of their importation from their countries of origin, as a step to keep pace with the evolution in the cultivation of seedlings and ornamental plants, the workers of the nursery after various field visits of the countries that produce these plants, launched with success, thanks to god and with the blessings of Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him), the reproductive processes of those varieties that are characterized by their beautiful shapes and fragrant odours, to be added to the seedlings and plants that our staff has imported, proliferated and hybridized in the nursery of the Al-abbas's (p) holy shrine in line with the environmental, weather and climate conditions in Iraq."

Explaining: "Among the plants that were proliferated are: The Thai Bougainvillea that is a wonderful plant blooming in winter and autumn without a need of big care, and gives beautiful flowers with various colours, in addition to the Dutch Rose, the Dutch Asparagus, the Italian Yucca, the Thai Buxus, Acacia, Bamboo and Moringa that can adapt to any environment, as they are characterized by their high ability to withstand drought and do not require much water as rainwater is sufficient. As well as Chorisia and Acacia Saligna that are amazing trees having unique biological characteristics. We have also proliferated the white Acacia, Acacia Fistola and other types known by the people of expertise and competence."

Noting: "There is staff working on the protection and safety of these seedlings of agricultural pests by the use of special pesticides under the supervision of agricultural engineers, specialists in this field. And to provide an appropriate atmosphere we have created Greenhouses for the purpose of maintaining the Climatic conditions of the seedlings as well as to contribute to their fast growth. And yet we can cover the needs of the citizens and nurseries in all Iraqis provinces on demand."

At the conclusion of his word, Mr. Hatef called all municipalities in all Iraqi provinces the will to provide them with these species and varieties at competitive prices as well as the readiness of the nursery to cover the needs of the citizens.
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