The Holy Shrine of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) announces the establishment of the Jihad Media Festival and invites media institutions to participate in it..

To coincide with the first anniversary of the call of the "sufficiency duty" fatwa for Jihad, and in compliance with the recommendations of the supreme authority in the recruitment to support the Iraqi security forces in the defence of the homeland, the General Secretariat of the holy shrine of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) held the Jihad Media Festival for TV productions (documentaries, brief reports, live reporting, Jihad videos).

It also calls on all TV channels, media organizations and producers to participate in the festival as an embodiment of the religious authority's guidances and to encourage the children of this beloved homeland.

The festival themes are:

A- Documentaries including:
1. The battlefield, Jihad and the fighting against (ISIS).
2. The Liberated areas.
3. The living with the Mujahideen.
4. Terrorism crimes against the Iraqi people.
And other topics.

B- Brief report including:
1. The public response of the call of sufficient duty for Jihad issued by the supreme religious authority.
2. The participation of all communities and ethnic groups in the sacred defence.
3. Heroic stories about Mujahideen and fighters.
And other topics.

C- TV field coverage (live or recorded) from the battlefields, especially during areas' liberation and the people's celebration with the army, police and the popular mobilized forces.

D- Jihad videos

E- Special report or program about a Mujahid before his martyrdom.

The conditions of participation are:
1- The deadline for receiving the works is the 20th of May, 2015.
2- The accepted languages: Arabic, English and Persian, the last two must be accompanied by written text about the idea, axis and the goal of the work in Arabic.
3- Sending the works in two copies on a DVD.
4- The festival management has the right to use the works for the benefit of the holy shrine.
5- The Preparatory Committee apologizes for refusing works about any other topics than those cited, and they must be produced after the issuance of the fatwa of the sufficient duty for Jihad in the 12th of June 2014.

Important notes:
1- The arbitration will be in one phase.
2- For more information, please call the (07783315416) or contact the official website of the holy shrine of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), or through the official festival email:
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