The Combat Squad of Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) announces its readiness for the delivery of aids to the battlefronts..

The Combat Squad of Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) announces its full readiness for the delivery of all aids to the battlefronts and the districts' operations where the battles take place with the terrorists gangs, despite their quantities and types in order to sustain the support of the fighters from the security forces and the popular mobilization against the criminal Takfiri gangs.

The squad supervisor Mr. Maytham Al-Zaydi explained: "The combat squad of Al-Abbas's (p) since its inception has spared no effort to the liberalization of Iraq's usurped territory, and held many acts including the combat ones by liberating some areas or by participating with other troops in the liberation battles. The squad took part in several operations such as the Battle of the Victory's Cliff [Jorf sakhr], and also the responsibility of the western and north-western borders of the province of Karbala, as well as it participating in the liberation battles of Amerli, Balad and the neighbouring areas. And now our squad is responsible of the security of these districts and it was introduced as a direct support force of the participating troops in the liberation battles of the province of Salahuddin."

He added: "After the directives of the supreme religious authority to provide support and backing the security forces and the popular mobilization, the institutions and tribes started providing assistance and aid in kind as a support to our heroic security forces in this battle, such as food, logistic aids and others... And on the basis of our religious and moral duty and as a part of the tasks and duties assigned to the squad, we announced our readiness to deliver all the material donated to the battlefronts, using refrigerated vehicles to transport aids that need to be cooled, and heavy vehicles for large loads of dry and fresh food, and providing a sufficient protection forces to these vehicles and those who are in charge."

Mr. Al-Zaydi concluded: "For those who wants us to deliver such aids, they only need to contact and coordinate with the squad in order to organize these convoys to give them the necessary assistance as soon as possible, either by calling these two numbers (07716677577) and (07829605325) or via our email address: (
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