The Communications Division at the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine equips the schools of Al-'Ameed and the Complex of Sheikh Al-Kulayni with high-resolution surveillance cameras..

The Unit of the maintenance and installation of cameras of the Communications Division of the engineering maintenance Department at the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine equips the schools group of Al-'Ameed and the Complexes of Sheikh Al-Kulayni and Al-'Alqami of the holy shrine with high-resolution surveillance cameras. This action came in order to complete the necessary security control procedures followed in all the institutions and the facilities of the holy shrine. According to the statement of the administrator of the mentioned unit, Mr. Hassan Abd As-Sadah.

He added: "We started our work in the schools' group of Al-'Ameed, we have equipped some schools while others are under installation; Al-'Ameed School for boys was equipped with 42 cameras, the medium school for girls with 32 cameras and the kindergarten and nursery of Al-Ameed with 38 cameras distributed in the entrances of the kindergarten, the outer-wall and internal passages to monitor the children's movement in addition to all the rooms and halls. The cameras are of high-resolution in both day and night, the security surveillance is monitored by the school conciergerie while the surveillance of the children's movement is done by the school principal. We have also equipped both complexes of Sheikh Al-Kulayni and Al-'Alqami by the system of fixed and mobile cameras, which were put in the outer perimeter and the doors for the security surveillance. The mobile cameras has the high-resolution zoom feature by 360 degree, also they are characterized by the accuracy of the night filming and a high shelf life, imported from China, Taiwan and Canada."

Noting: "The work phases include linking the facilities with the wiring system, installing and covering them to let the wires appear organized . then we install the cameras after fixing them in their allocated places and into the required direction for the fixed cameras, followed by the phase of the control and the installation of the recording device (DVR), through which one can control, cut, play or reverse the video. Finally the monitor screen that is equipped with the central and reserve power is set."
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