The Combat Squad of Al-Abbas (p) waits for the right moment to purge the adjacent areas to the District of Dujail..

The Combat Squad of Al-Abbas (p) finished all the logistic and combat preparations to start a new phase of purging the remaining areas usurped by the terrorist gangs of ISIS in the District of Salah Uddin and the north-west of the district of Dujayl, which have difficult geographical terrain exploited by the terrorist gangs thinking it will be a safe haven for them, but by the fervency of the heroes of the squad of Al-Abbas (peace be upon him), the members of the security forces and of the popular mobilization, there will be no inch of our land, occupied by those rats.

These preparations were proceeded by intelligence and reconnaissance missions in coordination with the leadership of the operations in Salah Uddin, carried out by the leaders of the Squad, which was able to make a complete data on these areas, in which the terrorist gangs hide to attack every now and then the stationed security forces there.

During this field tour, the supervisor of the squad, the fighter Maytham Al-Zaydi met with the members of the squad in this district, and found them full of vigour and the high spirit of combat, which is the main factor to achieve a brilliant victory on the enemies of religion and of the homeland. And, inshaAllah, the preparations for this battle will be adequate and compatible with the size of the next battle.
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