The International Book Fair of Karbala embraces diversity and excellence in the displayed books and the participating publishing houses..

The eleventh edition of the International Book Fair of Karbala held within the events of the International Cultural Festival of the Martyrdom's Spring that will be launched on the third of the blessed month of Sha'ban 1436 AH, includes a variety of the exposed publications that go along with the international intellectual and cultural renaissance, which came in tune with the aim of the participating publishing houses coming from inside and beyond Iraq, which made this cultural event of the city of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) the focus of attention and attraction of many pioneers of the exhibition in their different categories and orientations.

The political and security situation of the country was one of the reason for the non-participation of some international publishing houses, but most of them defied all of it to attend and participate in this international event, and once they arrived to Karbala all their concerns dissipated. And the participation of nine countries that are United Arab Emirates, UK, Palestine, Jordan, Iran, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt, in addition to Iraq is the best proof against the rumors made about Iraq, sending a message that the Iraqi citizen is a lover of culture and thought and a person that has the ability to adapt to most conditions and challenges.

The shelves of the exhibition contained different publications including the religious and academic ones in addition to the humanitarian and scientific books that fit all academic levels from the preliminary to the university, as well as the special publications for the children's education to contribute to the development of the mental capacities of the child, in addition to other publications in various fields.

This diversity in the publications that is in line with the geographical diversity and the factors of the good organization and methods of display, has made of the International Book Fair of Karbala an important intellectual and cultural attraction and a bright star in the sky of the international Iraqi exhibitions.
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