The journalists of the holy shrines continue their supporting meetings of the security forces and the volunteers of the popular mobilization..

The journalists of the holy shrines continue their consultative meetings to develop the media support of the security forces and popular mobilization troops while they are in the midst of a fierce war against the criminal terrorist gangs and those who support them, and also to perpetuate the interaction with the fatwa for the defence of Iraq and its sanctities. The meeting was held in the holy shrine of the Commander of the Faithful Ali Ibn AbiTalib (peace be upon both of them), where the officials and representatives of the departments of media, intellectuals and cultural affairs and radio stations in the holy shrines, have discussed the ways to develop media support and the mechanisms for the enhancement of this vital and important aspect.

The Deputy Head of the Department of the Intellectual and cultural affairs at the Al-Abbas's holy shrine, Sayed AqeelAbd Al-Hussayn Al-Yassiri explained: "This meeting came to complete the previous meetings held in the holy shrines, in which we discussed some supporting ideas for the advancement of audio-visual, electronic and readable media of the holy shrines in the name of the popular mobilization, which we applaud as it is a kind gesture of the media of the holy shrines to set up and form the media board of the popular mobilization of the holy shrines that will broadcast and publish the victories of our heroic army, and the forces of the popular mobilization for the liberation of this country from the clutches of ISIS."

Adding: "This media mobilization would not be limited to the current period, but this board will be a backup for the media departments of all holy shrines to complete each other, and then they will have a unified publication and broadcast during the religious events such as Ashura. We also discussed in the meeting the media of the popular mobilization and how to promote its Radio in Samarra and issuing publications to support the popular mobilization and that deal with all subjects related to them. The meeting was productive as we came out with the establishment of the radio of the holy city of Samarra, which will be broadcasted from Samarra in cooperation with the holy shrine of Imams Askariyayn (peace be upon both of them), and also we agreed to set up a location for this media board in the holy city of Karbala."

As for the Media official of the holy shrine of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) Mr.Faeq Al-Shammari, he stated: "During this meeting we have discussed a number of topics dealing with the importance of the holy shrine in Iraq, as these giant institutions have a significant impact and influential role especially in its contribution in the support of the military operations to flush out the terrorist groups from the Iraqi cities by our fighting forces in response to the call of the religious authority. We also agreed on activating this role and uniting the efforts to support the Jihad cause, by launching a radio station in the holy city of Samarra, and a joint website, news agency and magazine with this name, we also agreed to hold the next meeting inthe holy city of Karbala."
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