The refugees of Anbar admit that they were wrong when thinking that ISIS will save them and that the Shiites and the religious authority will destroy them..

A lot of Sunni Iraqis thought that ISIS came to save them from the dominance of the Shiite government, and were then exploited by the terrorist gangs of obscurantism; ISIS for its existence in their areas and even used them as human shields, inculcating them that the Shiites and their religious authority are their first enemy, despite the fact that this religious authority was the first defender of Iraqis from all communities, religions and sects, and it did never claim the right of a single category without the other, but it was claiming rights on behalf of all Iraqis, which was the main reason for the return of the country's independence, the exit of the occupier, the writing of Iraqi constitution and the creation of elected government of all Iraqis, and even it was the cause of stopping a Sunni people bloodshed that was possible during the sectarian crisis that exploded after the crime of bombing the holy shrine of Imams Al-Hadi and Al-Askari (peace be upon both of them), and before it the crisis that emerged after the slaughter of Iraqi Shiites in the triangle of death. In fact the religious authority made all its efforts to stop all Iraqis bloodsheds and to rebuild the country by issuing of the "Sufficiency duty" fatwa for Jihad to defend Iraq from the ISIS gangs and their allies.

The Fatwa of the religious authority was the first and main reason to stop the advance of ISIS and liberate with they had occupied from the territory of our Sunni people, in addition of exercising its parental role by the relief of all the refugees coming from the Iraqi cities that were occupied by ISIS who are mostly Sunnis, dozens of convoys headed to these cities from the office of the religious authority carrying food, water, ice, blankets, clothes and electrical appliances showing the falsity of these allegations made up by the criminal ISIS who have used many lies to facilitate the occupation of their cities.

The camera of Al-Kafeel Network during its presence in the camps for displaced people in the city of Amiriyah Fallujah, accompanying the delegation of the supreme religious authority and the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine for the distribution of aid, has took pictures of children and families who thought that ISIS came to save them and that the Shiites and the religious authority will kill them and who have discovered the opposite.

The citizen Hamed AbdAllah from the city of Husaybah told us about his previous impression: "Some malevolent people promoted that the Shiites aim to kill us and occupy our land, and these ideas remained in our spirits and even our children were inculcated the same. But all praise to Allah, we discovered the falsity of these gangs and those who helped them, and their actions were against their words. And what we have seen from this convoy and what other displaced told us have debunked these allegations and we we witness by ourselves the paternalistic position of the religious authority and its followers with us and with all the displaced."

The young man, Ahmed Karim, a displaced from the people of Ramadi stopped aside and watched silently the works of the distribution of aid and heard the nice words pronounced by the members of the delegation expressing their empathy, he said: "During the distribution of aid, I remembered what have been told us from the void and sick ideas about the religious authority and its followers, but today we must say after what we witnessed, it is working for the safety of all Iraqis."

Haj Mohammad Hassan Khalaf added: "Your visit has given us a great moral dose to confront these difficult circumstances we are currently experiencing, ISIS has lied to us telling us false ideas and beliefs that were said by people who are now living in total comfort in the neighboring countries, their words targeted this religious authority and our brothers in the southern regions and thank God, their reality was revealed."

Here is a footage of the displaced people who have witnessed and discovered themselves the lies of ISIS and the curse of its disgraceful existence.
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