The training campaigns began in the centers of the Combat Squad of Al-Abbas (peace be upon him)..

The leadership of the combat squad of Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) announced the beginning of the training campaigns in the affiliate training centers that are deployed in many provinces. These campaigns came in response to the call of the supreme religious authority that emphasized on the need for training for all the sons of Iraqi people and investing the students summer vacation for this purpose, so the citizens are prepared for any emergency and ready to defend the homeland and the holy sites.

There was a strong demand for these courses of a number of volunteers from various segments of society starting from the middle school students to the students of universities and institutions in addition to the teaching staff.
For its part, the leadership and the supervisors of the squad were keen on consecutive field visits to these centers as well as the visits of the security leaders from the defense and interior ministries to oversee the conduct of training.
It is worth mentioning that qualified instructors with experience in the program prepared for these courses will oversee the training, which will includes:
1- Fitness
2- Weapons training
3- Adjust the fire
4- Educational lectures
5- Training on street war
6- Training on the war in agricultural areas
7- Tactical exercises.
The general supervisor of the combat squad of Al-Abbas (peace be upon him), Sheikh Maytham Al-Zaydi has announced during the press conference held on Saturday second of the month of Ramadan corresponding to the 21st of June 2015 in the visitors complex Al-'Alqami, that 40 thousand trainees volunteer monthly at the headquarter and the centers of the squad in all provinces.

He added: "The Squad announced the first training center in Karbala, then the number of centers increased to 48 deployed in many provinces, and the number may increase to 60 center in the future, including 24 centers in Baghdad and 3 to 6 centers in Basra and may increase to 10, and other training centers in provinces of Nasiriyah, Samawah, Babil and Diyala, and during the next two days, centers will be opened in Diwaniyah."

Stressing: "There is a coordination with the local goverment in the province of Karbala in cooperation with the army and police for the training and the preparation of a unified training program for all trainees in all the provinces."
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