The works in the garage Al-Kafeel advance according to the plans and the timetable..

The works in the project of the garage Al-Kafeel achieved advanced completion percentages, and according to the statement of the head of the Department of Engineering projects at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, Engineer Dea' Majeed Al-Sa'igh, the body overseeing directly on the implementation of the project from the design and execution sides, the achievement ratios of the project reached 60%, which is a good progress in the works in line with the schedules and the technical and engineering implementation.
He added: "The executing company of the project, which is one of the strategic projects adopted by the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine -the two companies Ard Al-Quds for General Contracting Ltd and Al-Kafeel for General investments- could achieve this stage in record time and with acceptable ratios despite some administrative matters subject to the routine of governmental departments ti import special equipment and devices for the construction of the project's facilities, and the long waiting period in the Iraqi ports, especially that the project relies on special steel structures and roofs that were imported from Malaysia."
Mr. Al-Sa'igh explained: "According to the work plans, the project contains five sections:
1- Section (A), dedicated to the project's administration, and contains meeting rooms, cars parking, health facilities and a cafeteria, as well as halls and other service rooms such as the room of control (for the electric, warning, fire.. systems),
and it is built in three floors. Its completion rate is of 50 %. This section includes also a gas station 90% accomplished with a capacity of million and seventy-three thousand liters of fuel (petrol and diesel) by 29 reservoirs, each of them has the capacity of 37 thousand liters. This gas station includes also an administration building and private control rooms.
2- Section (B), dedicated to the workshops for the maintenance od small vehicles, its completion percentage is of 52%.
3- Section (C) dedicated to the maintenance of the large vehicles, its completion percentage is of 70%.
4- Section (D), a parking compound (for light and heavy vehicles), its completion percentage is of 45%.
5- Section (E), a machines' garage, with completion percentage of 25%.
Mr. Al-Sa'igh added: "There are external works of the projects, which are the extension of rainwater pipes, 90% completed that needs only to be linked to the main pipe, and also the works of preparation of the roads that reach 20 %. As for the project as a whole, it has achieved 55% of completion, which is a good percentage for the works' progress despite that the completion date of the project is planned in the eighth month of 2016, counting the downtime."
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