The written and printed copy of the Holy Quran at the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine dazzled all those who have seen it, and who have confirmed that it is a great achievement..

The pavilion of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine participating at the twenty-third edition of the International Exhibition of the Holy Quran in Tehran is attended daily by crowds of visitors, who are delighted to participate in its activities.
Among the publications displayed at the pavilion is the first edition of the Holy Quran, which is written and printed at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine in the Center of printing, interpretation and sciences of Quran, which was one of the most important publications of the holy shrine, thanks to the beauty of its line and features and the elegance of the output and printing. And whoever visited the pavilion and looked at the blessed copy of Quran was delighted especially that it is the first Holy Quran printed in Iraq by an Iraqi calligrapher; Mr. Hameed Al-Sa'di, which makes it a cause of pride like stated the attendees of the pavilion who browsed it and readed carefully its pages, happy to see this great Quranic achievement.
Also, Iranian religious, cultural and political figures from inside and outside the capital Tehran, praised this achievement, considering it with the blessing of Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) the first of its kind in the holy shrines in Iraq, and also a distinguished turnout and a great achievement considering its intellectual and religious publications and the first of larger future Quranic projects.
It is worth mentioning that this Quran has many specifications, in addition to the fact that the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine is the first institution in Iraq to bring together the line and the printing of the holy Quran, its most important features are:

1- This Quran is characterized by the written line of the known Iraqi calligrapher Hamid Al-Saadi, by artistic touches of the employees of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine and being printed at an Iraqi Printing house, which makes it a copy of Quran 100 % made by Iraqis.

2- The centre tried as much as possible to put the interconnected words in one line, for its aesthetic beauty.

3- The number of pages of this copy of the Holy Quran is matching all other printed copies.

4- We formed the Chapter of "Al-Fatiha" in a correlated way, each line showing specific meaning especially the last verse.

5- IT was taken into account the aesthetic design of the outer cover of the Quran, developing a decoration similar to that of the grid of the holy shrine of Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) in addition to the logo of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine.

6- Calligraphy line used in this Copy of the Quran is "Al-Naskh", characterized by being clear and easy to read.

7- This Quran is perfectly matching the other copies used in our country and in the neighbouring countries, in terms of reading rules.

8- The adoption of a beautiful artistic way of organizing and arranging the chapters and verses, and of the design and output of the pages and the formation of decoration...
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