The book exhibition held in the area between the two holy shrines embraces a special pavilion for the cemetery of Al-Baqi'..

The cemetery of Al-Baqi' is telling to each person who sees its current situation the story of oppression of the leaders of guidance chosen by the Lord to bring the humanity out from the darknesses into the light, but they were fought by the bats of the obscurantism's caves and the evils from Adam's sons and killed themand destroyed their shrines.
And within the book exhibition held within the activities of the first International Cultural Festival of Imam Al-Baqir (peace be upon him) in the area between the two holy shrines, a special pavilion was dedicated to the cemetery of Al-Baqi' entitled "Al-Baqi paradise" and every visitor of this pavilion feels the sadness in his heart to remember this tragedy, This pavilion was held with the participation of the center of Karbala heritage in the department of knowledge and human and Islamic affairs at the holy shrine with more than 140 works of art ranging from pictures, maps and paintings as well as a model of the graves of the oppressed Imams (peace be upon them) in Al-Baqi' before and after their demolition in addition to a set of folders and publications of the departments.
From outside the province of Karbala, the committee supervising the Al-Hillah project in the city of Imam Al-Hassan (peace be upon him) has participated with more than 20 works of art and posters.
The Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine also has participated with a pavillion that included many books and publications of its different units.
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