The Supreme Religious authority reminds the people and the government of the existential fateful battle face to ISIS and our reform battle, emphasizing: "No choice apart from victory in both.."

Another time, the Supreme Religious Authority in Najaf describes the battle with the gangs of ISIS supported by third parties, which want to undermine this ancient country, by being an existential battle for Iraq, and reminds the people and the government of its continuous directives to save the country and its citizens from their enemies inside and outside the country. This was during the Friday's sermon of the 5th Dhu al-Qi'dah 1436 AH corresponding to the 21st August, 2015 in the holy shrine of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) led by Sayed Ahmed Al-Safi. Describing this battle by being the most noble of the battles as it is for the defence of our existence, our future, pride and dignity.
Reminding the world of the crimes of ISIS and exculpating Islam of them: "Everybody has followed what happened and still happening in the areas controlled by the terrorists, of atrocities that has nothing to do with Islam or humanity; killings, slavery, tape, displacement and demolition of edifices of ancient Iraqi civilization."
Describing these battles undertaken by our sons of armed forces and the heroes volunteers and Mujahideen in various areas against the terrorist organization ISIS.
Calling for the financial and moral support of the Army and the volunteers of the popular mobilization from the citizens and the government: "Our blessed sons who are fighting in the battlefields and sacrificing their blood, deserve from us and from the government all the attribution, support and the care for their families."
and warning: We should not forget them in the battle of reforms and we should support their organization by arming and training them, which would be one of the most important reforms." Stressing: "The battle with terrorists of ISIS is a fateful battle, as the security and stability we enjoy in our cities and regions is a result of their efforts and sacrifices."
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