The committee for the follow-up of the families of the martyrs and wounded of the Al-abbas's (p) fighting squad, visits a number of families and follow the progress of their transactions for the distribution of plots of land

Visiting the families
In application of the Supreme religious authority, a delegation from the Al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad visited a number of the families of its martyrs and wounded in the provinces of Babylon, Diwaniyah and Wasit, which comes within the series of visits carried out by the squad to these families.
The head of the Department of the martyrs and the wounded at the Al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad; Haj Adnan Hannoon explained to Al-Kafeel global Network: "Under the guidance of the leadership of the squad and its supervisors at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, an ad hoc committee was formed to periodically visit the families of the martyrs of the squad who have filled in the battles against ISIS criminal organization, in order to meet with their needs according to the available resources."
Adding: "Among the duties of this committee is to visit the wounded and provide the possible treatments, ensuring their transfer to other places for treatment, if necessary, like what happened in the last visit, where one of the fighters of the squad was transferred from the province of Kirkuk to the province of Basra for a surgery, as he was wounded in combats in Amerly."
Stressing: "Monthly salaries were distributed to the families of the martyrs. And the Committee began with the follow-up of the ownership transactions of the plots of land dedicated to the martyrs in their provinces. In addition to transporting the families of the martyrs and the wounded to the holy city of Karbala to have the honor of the Ziyarat of Imam Al-Hussayn and his brother Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon both of them)."
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