The supreme religious authority and its war against the big heads of corruption in the country..

Sayed. ahmed Al-Safi
The supreme religious authority in th sermon of the Friday sermon of the 4th September, 2015, has put its finger on the bleeding wound and the two problems that have made sleepless the honorable Iraqis, namely the issue of holding accountable big corruption heads and recovering the looted money from them.
It has shown in its second sermon of this day in the words of its representative Sayed Ahmed Al-Safi: " One of the most important manifestations of corruption in the country is the proliferation of those who enriched themselves at the expense of the population, by divesting the public money in twisted and illegal ways, taking advantage of their positions or the positions of their relatives to achieve their goals. "
Confirming: "Among the main steps for the reform is to start to prosecute and to hold accountable the big heads of the corruption and to recover the looted money from them."
Stressing that this task : "is the responsibility of the board of integrity and judiciary authorities."
And it has asked:"many are wondering if they can bear this responsibility! and if they will bear this task without further delay and procrastination?"
And it concluded its questions with a statement showing the fear of the people of the slowdown in the reform steps of the government by saying: "The Iraqi people, who have suffered for too long from corruption and his suffering increased year after the other, looking forward to accelerate the reform steps that are hoped to be true and will fulfill the heart of the demands, and to be comprehensive permeating various state institutions purifying them from this grinding scourge."
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