The medical centers and the scientific and administrative departments of the Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital..

Dr, Haydar Al-Bahadli, member of the Medical Committee of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine announced the scientific and administrative departments that will work at the Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, which will hopefully be opened in the beginning of the next month InshaAllah, and stated: "The Hospital's departments are composed of scientific and service departments, The scientific ones are divided to integrated medical centres, namely:
1- General Surgery Center that consists of external consultation clinic, surgeries' halls that contain the latest medical equipment and devices to cover all traditional and laser surgeries, including the surgical robot device and the treatment of cancer with radiation during surgeries, which is the first in the country.
2- The Center of nervous system surgeries: this is very sophisticated center, in which most complex surgeries are conducted.
3- The center of cardiovascular medicine and surgeries and catheters, including open-heart surgery.
4- Organ transplant center: Including the transplant of kidney, liver, pancreas and bone marrow.
5- Center of Gynecological medicine and surgeries, including IVF center.
6- Otorhinolaryngology center, including cochlear implants and pronunciation institute.
7- Dental, facial and maxillofacial surgery center, including dental implants.
8- Dermatology and plastic surgery center including all laser devices for the treatments of these diseases.
9- Kidney Surgery Center is characterized by including all the advanced devices for the treatment of all cases.
10- Podiatry center, including premature newborns department.
11- Gastroenterology center, including all the latest devices in the world.
12- Endocrinology center for the treatment of all cases of diabetes.
13- Center for the treatment of chronic diseases
14- Laboratory department: takes in charge all kinds of tests and very modern and accurate devices for all cases including DNA tests.
15- Radiology Department: contains all devices needed by the hospital, including nuclear medicine. This department lacks of an important and effective device "scan" that we could not bring it because of technical problems, and this device is not existing in the country.
16- The internal and external pharmacy Department.
17- Emergency Department ready to receive all emergency cases.
18- Internal medicine Center
19- Intensive care Department including 80 beds for all specialities.

The Administrative (service) departments of the hospital are: Sterilization, kitchens, Dry cleaning "laundry", Public administration, maintenance and engineering departments, mechanisms departments, stores' department.
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