With a distinctive success and continuous service, the Ziyarat by proxy celebrates its seventh anniversary..

Al-Kafeel Global Network the official website of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine provides many services, and among the communication services that has proven its success is the Ziyarat (pilgrimage) by proxy that was launched seven years ao on the 24th Dhu Al-Qi'dah 1429 AH corresponding to 2009. Al-Kafeel Network was the first website of the holy shrines in Iraq that opens this service, and was able to create a communication state between the lovers and followers of Ahl Al-Bayt (peace be upon them) in various spots in the world through performing the Ziyarat, prayers and supplications according to a special timetable.
This internet service was allocated to every lover of Ahl Al-Bayt (peace be upon them) from all over the world, who cannot come to perform the Ziyarat themselves, or who are longing to visit the holy shrines inside and outside Iraq to renew the covenant, or to fulfil their needs, as this window is for anyone who want to Ziyarat on his behalf or on behalf of his relatives, alive or dead.
It was then a leader and unique experience in allowing the believers who are unable to come to perform the rituals of the ziyarat in the holy shrines, as the window witnessed unrivaled turnout of the faithful, especially that it is a free service unlike what other institutions propose. the web-page for the pilgrimage (Zyarat) by proxy was customized on each of its websites (Alkafeel, Al'askariyayn, baqi' Alghaqad) and in all the available languages: Arabic, English, Persian, Turkish and Urdu.
The Ziyarat by proxy included also the birth and martyrdom anniversary of the Imams (peace be upon them) either in the holy shrines of Iraq or outside it, and also the Ziyarat of the family of the Imams (peace be upon them) such as the Ziyarat of Sayed Mohammed, Al-Qasem and Um Al-Baneen in her death anniversary and other ziyarat in specific occasions in addition to a daily Ziyarat to the holy shrine of Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him).
The registered in this page are mostly from the following countries: Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan, Russia, America, Britain, India, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Canada, Kuwait, Malaysia, Australia, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Germany, Iceland, Austria , Greece, the Netherlands, Tunisia, Denmark, Norway, Qatar, Belgium, Morocco, Afghanistan, Oman, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Switzerland, Nigeria, Ghana, Yemen, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, France, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Finland , China, Ireland, Hong Kong, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Sudan.
The person who wants to be registered in the web-page of the Ziyarat by proxy, has to fill the fields with some information such as his email address, and once it's time for the Ziyarat, the names of the registered are printed and given to some Sayeds and Sheikhs to perform the Ziyarat, and once it is done, the person in question receives a message in his email to inform him about the completion of the Ziyarat. sometimes there is a delay in sending those messages because of the large number of the registered, but it is to mention that the Ziyarat is performed on time for all those who have registered.
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