The supreme religious authority and its continuous national discourse: a call for the inclusion of the educational operation into the reform battle..

Whoever who follows the Friday sermons since the fall of the former regime, can notice how the supreme religious authority is precise in diagnosing the disease from which Iraq suffers in all fields, including the national side of the Iraqi personality as it is one of the main reasons for the elevation of any nation, as rising the national morals and strengthening the affiliation of the country weaken the government corruption which is based on those with weak national affiliation to reach their purposes and even the foreigner uses them to achieve its objectives in breaking the country economically and socially.
The religious authority addressed its sermons since the 4th September 2003 to Iraqis with a national not a religious tone, which reveals the patriarchal discourse taken by the religious authority since the demise of the tyrant, without allocating the speech to a religion or sect, but it is addresses to the Iraqi about Iraqi matters.
It has drew attention to one of the concerns and problems of the Iraqis that destabilizes the national spirit of the majority, and the occurrence of the problems in services, mismanagement, the security matter, etc. and among the most important problems causing the destabilization of the national spirit and the lack of national belonging to the majority of the Iraqi people is the great imbalance in the school curriculum, the ignorance of the society especially girls and the clear imbalance in the educational system in general.
The supreme religious authority called through its Friday sermon held today in the holy shrine of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), which was led by Sheikh Abd Al-Mahdi Al-Karbalai who stated: "With the new academic year, which coincides with the exceptional circumstances through which Iraq passes, we would like to state the following:
1- Warning of illiteracy: The figures published by some international organizations for the increase of the Illiteracy proportion in Iraq, especially among girls indicate future risks to the process of building the Iraqi citizen scientifically and educationally, and it has become imperative for the concerned authorities to take measures to ensure the following:
A. The application of the Compulsory Education Law
B. Urging parents through intensive information programs to introduce their children to school
C. Preventing students dropping out of school for economic and other reasons.
2- The development of the scientific and educational curriculum and especially the national and the psychological side, as it stated: " The correct educational process is based on the efforts of its pillars, namely the Ministry of Education, the school administration, the teaching staff and the students' parents. And as the teaching methods evolved in the world of today." The religious authority called the concerned authorities to:
A. Follow the modern teaching methods in our schools and using sophisticated means of education in order to teach the students skills and abilities suiting the present era.
B. It is required from the teachers to give more attention to the educational aspect, especially that Iraq is subjected to exceptional circumstances of wars and successive crises, which is reflected negatively on the national, psychological and moral components of the character of lot of children.
C. We hope that the Ministry of Education and its institutions and the schools' administrations to give attention to this aspect for the best of the students.
The overall reform process, for which we all call must include the educational process in schools and universities, and it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive review of the foundations of this process and fix it through the sobriety and durability of the scientific level of the student and caring to build his moral and national character.
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