For the third year in row and under the auspices of the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine: The start of the International Al-'Ameed Scientific Conference..

The Hall of Imam Al-Hassan (peace be upon him) for conferences and seminars at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine was filled with religious, academic and research personalities from inside and outside Iraq as well as a distinctive media coverage to assist on the 3rd of Dhu Al-Hijjah 1436 AH corresponding to the 17th September, 2015 to the opening ceremony of the International Al-'Ameed Scientific Conference in its third edition , held by the International Al-'Ameed Center for research and studies of the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs Department at the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, entitled "The Chosen Prophet and his pure Household are the source of humanity sciences and their extensions" and under the slogan "We meet in the shrine of Al-'Ameed so we progress" and that will last for two days.
The opening ceremony which was attended by delegations of the holy shrines in Iraq, the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and representatives of research centers, began by a recitation of verses of the Holy Quran and reading Al-Fatiha for the souls of the Martyrs from the volunteers of the popular mobilization and security forces, and listening to the hymn of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine.
Then the Secretary General of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine delivered his word in which he stated: "The political regimes have bad impact on our energies and competencies, as they tried to abort lot of research for a reason or another, and as result they did not preserve and protect our heritage, our scientists and researchers. So our Islamic and Arab countries are concerned today of an importance issue: We need to read in a free and in an intellectual way far from any kind of backgrounds that do not let research and their approaches to be objective..."
Followed by the word of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research delivered by the Ministry adviser Dr. Mohsin Al-Fraiji, which he started by presenting the thanks to the General Secretariat of the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine for the good preparation of this conference in which one of the most importance topics will be discussed, namely Humanities for their leading role in the formation and building the societies.
Then Dr. Amer Al-Ka'bi presented in Arabic the word of the Preparatory Committee of the conference, in which he stated: "He who do not progress become obsolete" a great saying inspired from human experiences, and we, in the International Al-'Ameed Centre for Research and Studies, strive always to move forward to offer what is most useful for the research and the most effective for the researchers, and we started with an idea that inspires the minds of the aspiring academics, that the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine translated to reality by creating the first referred scientific magazine carrying the name of our centre, namely "Al-'Ameed Magazine", from which other magazines have generated and sections were born, and from which were emerged seminars, workshops and international scientific conference that we all attend today its third edition..."
Followed by the word of the participating delegations delivered on their behalf by Dr. Sheikh Khalid Muharram the head of Seraj Center for research and Islamic studies in Lebanon, and in which he said: " This is a blessed day in which we are reunited to fly together around the chosen Prophet et his pure Ahl Al-Bayt as they are the source and extension of humanities, and i note that those in charge of this congress did good when they made these solemn humanitarian personalities an orbit for our research in this conference. As out contemporary world is in dire need of being enlightened by their giant humanitarian experiences, guided by their understanding and tolerant soul..."
Then a documentary film was displayed, talking about the Al-'Ameed Conference starting with its first edition down to this edition, and the its goals and what has been achieved up to now.
Then the research session of the conference were inaugurated by Dr. Karim Hussayn Nasseh Al-Khalidi from Iraq who presented his research entitled: "knowledge perfection is the guide to the Imamate.. Linguistic knowledge model."
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