The visitors of the day of 'Arafah pray for Iraq, its security forces and its popular mobilization..

The visitors of Imam Al-Hussayn and his brother Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon both of them) did not forget in their prayers Iraq, its security forces, the members of its popular mobilization, its martyrs and its wounded, who were and are defending the soil and honour of the homeland, and without their fight against the enemies, the terrorists of ISIS and their supporters, they would not be able to enjoy the safe and reassuring atmosphere to perform their Ziyarat, which is targeted by the enemies.
Hands were raised and tears were shed during the rituals of the recitation of the supplication of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) on the day of 'Arafah, stressing on remaining firm on the path of Ahl Al-Bayt (peace be upon him), and nothing can shake their determination from those who are plotting against them, as those defending the homeland are making sacrifices and presenting martyrs for the sake of this path. Therefore, the visitors have prayed God to push away the evils and sorrows from this nation, and to avoid Iraq and its people from the intrigue of predators, terrorists and extremist groups and to make their plot against each others, and to entrench the steadfastness and equanimity in the hearts of our security forces and the members of the popular mobilization, while they are proving their courage and heroism face to the Kharijites of this era the criminals of ISIS and their supporters, and to increase their resolve and determination and raise their banner to be the highest and lower the banner of falsehood, and to make the hot weather convert to coolness and peace within their hearts.
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