The Supreme Religious Authority sounds alarm in defense of Iraq and demands not to slacken in the perpetuation of victories momentum and the support of the popular mobilization by people and the government..

Another time the Supreme Religious Authority sounds alarm in defense of Iraq and draws the attention of its people and its leaders to the threat surrounding the country because of ISIS gangs, and called on sustaining the momentum of victories achieved, not let it be a reason for sloth, which may give the enemy an opportunity to achieve a goal - God forbid -.
The Supreme Religious Authority stressed in the sermon of Friday's prayer of the 11th Dhu Al-Hijjah 1436 corresponding to the 25th September, 2015, held in the holy shrine of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) and led by Sheikh Abd Al-Mahdi Al-Karbalai on this threat saying: " The battle against ISIS is still representing the major priority of all Iraqis, because its results will directly affect their present and will shape their future."
And called: "Thus, It is crucial to sustain the momentum of victories that have been achieved during the past period and to maintain the numerical and moral balance of the fighters in our armed forces and their supporters from the volunteers and the tribes members."
Drawing the attention on: " As if Iraq is facing today challenges and difficulties at various levels such as the financial crisis and its battle with the corruption and the privileges snatched by the political quota system. All of this does not justify any decline in the interest given to the battle efforts against the ISIS terrorism."
Calling on the need for coordination saying: "And the coordination and cooperation between the leaders of all combat troops is one of the important foundations for the success in this battle. All must know that this is a national and fateful battle, and its success is the success of all. And that any refraction -God forbid- will have its impacts on everybody now and in the future. As sustaining the support to the fighters, whether in terms of weapons and logistical equipment and providing salaries to the volunteers and the martyrs families in addition to ensuring the treatment of the wounded, is a very important matter in these circumstances."
The supreme religious authority called the government and the citizens to support the popular mobilization saying: "It is hoped from the various government bodies to harness the available potential for the war effort and to provide assistance to our brothers and sons, the heroes in the battlefield. Also, it is hoped from the citizens to do what they can to support morally and materially those dearest, and those who are wealthy has to take the initiative to support the fighters and spend from what the Almighty bestowed upon them on their families and the martyrs families and undertake the treatment of the wounded to ease their burdens."
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