A distinct participation of the youth of the Institute of the Holy Quran at the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine in Quranic Contest for memorization "Hifdh"

The Institute of the Holy Quran of the Department of knowledge and Islamic and humanitarian affairs at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has a great base of youth who learned Quran in the corridors of the Institute through the quranic courses and lectures, through which talented members have been discovered and who could have a bright future in the Quranic field. And according to a plan prepared by the Institute and as a result of this work, a group of these youth has participated in a contest for the memorization, held by the Iraqi Quranic Institution in Baghdad, and in which have participated other Quranic institutions from different provinces.
Mr. Hamza Al-Fatlawi the head of the delegation participating in this contest, stated: "The Iraqi Quranic Institution held many of these competitions of Quran in an effort to entrench the Holy Book in the hearts of the children of the Muslim community, including this competition, in which our institute have participated with 10 students in various ages and memorization levels, and that have got distinctive ranks in this competition. The student Ahmed Ali Mansour finished second in the contest of memorization of 5 parts, the student Mustafa Hasan Ali finished second in the contest of memorization of 3 parts, the student Mustafa Saadoun got the third place in the contest of memorization of 10 parts and the student Ali Imad won the third place in the contest of memorization of 3 parts of the holy Quran. And our participation was praised by all the participants in this contest."
And added: "After relentless effort at the Institute of the holy Quran, and especially at the unity of memorization to make our students reach highest levels of memorization of the Allah's holy book, we could, thanks to God, to reach what we hoped, as we were invited by the Iraqi Quranic Institution for this contest of memorization. And all praise to God, our student got advanced ranks, and we hope that in the next competitions we will win higher ranks and that our participation would be wider, God willing."
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