Important message from the Vatican Pope to the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine..

Dr. Ali Faraj Al-'Ameri
In a new step from Francis, Vatican Pope, that seems to come in line with the repeated calls of the supreme religious authority in Najaf in its statements and Friday sermons, to respect other religions, to live with each other in the same homeland, especially in Iraq and the countries facing violence of the blind terrorism, which claims affiliation to Islam like Qaeda and ISIS that hit Muslims in Muslim countries before other countries, chiefly Iraq.
The Pope sent a verbal message to the General Secretariat of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, delivered by Dr. Ali Faraj Al-'ameri, Milan court Judge adviser, the expert on ancient languages and Arabic, Hebrew, Syriac and Mandaic manuscripts, in the second edition of the International conference of manuscripts heritage preservation and revival, in which he stated the need of the tolerance spirit and rapprochement between Christianity and Islam religions". Alkafeel Network obtained a copy of this message and it is as follows:
"In support to the spirit of tolerance and rapprochement between the religions of Christianity and Islam, we send you the best greetings and appreciation, and we hope for Iraq the security, peace and progress, and we dedicate our special thanks and appreciation to the Library of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine for the precious indexes offered to us, hoping to strengthen the fraternal and scientific ties and bonds between us."
It is worth mentioning that the supreme religious authority in Najaf has issued many statements to call for the protection of the christians in Iraq and in the Islamic world in general. and Mr. Ban Ki-Moon the Secretary-General of the United Nations stated in a previous interview the following: "I always emphasize on staying away from the sectarian speech and practice, and despite the fact that most of car bombs and roadside bombs target shiite areas, but I always stressed that Iraqi Sunnis are innocent of that, But these crimes are conducted by mainly foreign elements, as we saw lately a Tunisian blew himself up in the Kadhimiya, killing dozens of victims. Knowing that my calls to stay away from sectarianism only have an echo by the Iraqi Shiites, but other components' scholars and leaders have to tell them the same thing. And what the terrorists has done from the displacements of minorities of Turkmen Shiites, Christians and Shabak is convicted and deprecated, and we have worked as we can to help the displaced like have done the holy shrines investing all their potential in this area."
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