The closing ceremony of the First International Al-Kafeel Conference..

The closing ceremony
The First International Al-Kafeel Conference held by Al-Kafeel Museum for valuables and manuscripts under the slogan " the preservation of human heritage is a moral duty" was concluded on Sunday the 27th of Dhu Al-Hijjah 1436 AH corresponding to the 11th of October, 2015.
The closing ceremony started by the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, after which Dr. Ibrahim Sarhan, Member of the Preparatory Committee of the Conference read the conference's recommendations that he began with presenting the thanks to all those who participated and attended this international conference, which is the first fruits of future specialized activities and conferences in line with the contents of our heritage from archaeological collections that are a matter of interest, study and exploration, and this conference is one of the ways for their preservation, study and research. and the conferees came out with a set of recommendations that are as follows:
1- The Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine is seeking to collect heritage through the cooperation with museums' institutions inside and outside Iraq. In this sense we call on all researchers and specialists in this field to supplement the museum with all that can contributes in its development. especially the works of specialized museums.
2- The Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine calls upon all specialized institutions of heritage preservation to open cooperation prospects with Al-Kafeel Museum.
3- Creation of Specialized heritage library to be a scientific and research source for all researchers and students.
4- For the communication and discussing the research studies in Museology and Heritage, a scientific research conference will be held with the participation of group of researchers from inside and outside Iraq, and this conference is its starting point.
Followed by the word of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine delivered by its Associate Deputy Secretary-General of the holy shrine Mr. Ali Al-Saffar in which he welcomed the conferees in the country of civilization, literature and sciences; Iraq, which is successful country that is why he pays the high tax, as whenever the light is brighter, darkness try to hide it, and the circumstances in which the country passes through are only a success tax.
Adding: "After the fall of the former regime, the religious authority took the reins of the new renaissance. This is the reason why it gave interest to anything that has impact on the history of Iraq, the country of holy sites, and there was the opening of the first exhibition under the title "Al-Kafeel Museum" on the 5th of Jumada Al-Ula 1431 AH corresponding to the 1st September, 2015 on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Lady Zaynab (peace be upon her), and the this museum turned into a department, which staff took courses inside and outside Iraq to give it a new form and greater ambition, and this conference is an invitation for the workers in the field of heritage and the reasearcher to collaborate and communicate with the holy shrine in order to find ways to preserve and reveal the human heritage."
This ceremony, which have been well praised by the audience and the participants, was concluded by the distribution of appreciation certificates and shields for researchers, supporting institutions, journalists and representatives of media and satellite channels.
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