From the Shrine of the "one whose hands are cut", the sounds of palms raise high: "Ya li Tharaat [O revenge of] Al-Hussayn"

Mourners on the eve of Muharram
The hands are raised to answer the call of the Master of the Free (peace be upon him): "Is there any supporter to support us?" And here are the hearts before the throats chanting "Ya li Tharaat [O revenge of] Al-Hussayn", and O revenge of every drop of pure blood shed on the land of Karbala unjustly and wrongfully..
And from the land of purity and sanctity, the loyalties' tears flow to quench the thirsty generations from the painful horror of ashura, answering the call of conscience "Ya li Tharaat [O revenge of] Al-Hussayn!"
So, with every teardrop flowing on the cheeks of the mourners who are presenting their condolences to the Master of Martyrs (peace be upon him), a heyday is born to break the caves of darknesses, and a brave child is born with heart in which it is graved "Hayhat Minna Dhillah" [Far from us is humiliation].
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