The Supreme Religious Authority: The recent victories achieved in the field, confirm the combat and moral competence of the fighters in various grades..

The Supreme Religious Authority confirmed through its representative in Karbala, Sheikh Abd Al-Mahdi Al-Karbalai in the last sermon of Friday prayers of the 9th Muharram 1437 AH corresponding to the 23rd October 2015 held in the holy shrine of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him): "The quality victories achieved by our heroic armed forces and those who support them of the volunteers and sons of the tribes, especially in the city of Baiji and its refinery, which were documented by various media in spite of the media hype that preceded it, stating that this region is a fortress for terrorists, which confirms the combat and moral competence of the fighters in various grades."
And stated: "To all those heroes who have drawn heroism, sacrifice and redemption epics, the great appreciation, gratitude and recognition. And we ask the Almighty Allah to bless them with good in this world and the dignity of the afterlife, to bestow on the righteous martyrs the eternal gardens along with the martyrs of At-Taf, and on the wounded the wellness."
Explaining: "This battle is linked to the fate and future of Iraq and preserving its identity, its sanctities, civilization and unity of land and people, it is then necessary to provide all available resources for a final victory, where there won't be any foothold for terrorists in this holy land. Therefore, the logistical support for the fighters has to increase in light of the data and the experiences learned from previous battles, and the development of coordination mechanism and the joint action within the fighters of the armed forces, volunteers and the sons of the tribes, to achieve better results as noted in the recent recent battles."
Emphasizing on: "The necessity to allocate more funds in the general budget to secure the needs of the volunteer and the tribes' sons, who bear major burden in various battles, but they suffer from the lack of government means as most of the support that comes to them, it is from people's donations, which cover only a part of their needs."
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