In a record time, the department of the area between the two holy shrines repairs a blockage in the drainage system..

Side of the works
As a result of the large quantities of rainfall in the holy city of Karbala, which resulted to a blockage of one of the pipe sewer system for the discharge of rain water and sanitation for the area of the area between to Two Holy Shrines. The Maintenance Division of the Department of the area between the Two Holy Shrine rushed to repair this damage to not let it be repeated in the future.
According to those in charge of the maintenance works, the anomaly was caused by a mistake of the company executing the project to develop the area between the Two Holy Shrines, and the mentioned the division used to make temporary treatments but as a result of the repeated malfunctions, it launched to solve this problem definitively in a record time, without relying on the company, the discharge sewage system of rainwater was related to the main carrier line, the works included creating manholes in different sizes through which can be done the monitoring and treatment of any blockage in this area.
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