The Supreme Religious Authority renews its call to the government to support the army and the volunteers in all their affiliations and stresses on the need to take advantage of the lessons of their victories in the coming battles..

The Supreme Religious Authority repeated emphasizing in its sermons on supporting the volunteers of the popular mobilization in all their affiliations and the Iraqi armed forces, which reveals the importance of the security forces and the volunteers, as it considered them as the fortified shield of Iraq and its people, and this statement was given by the representative of the supreme religious authority Sayed. Ahmad Al-Safi in its second sermon in Friday prayer of 16th of Muharram 1437 Ah corresponding to the 30th of October, 2015 held in the holy shrine of Imam AL-Hussayn (peace be upon him), the emphasis has increased this time to call the concerned authorities to take advantage of the recent victories of the Mujahideen as theoric and practical lessons of what will occur in the coming battles, a sign of the importance of the decisive battles in the future.
The representative of the supreme religious authority has stated in the sermon of this week: "These great victories achieved by the heroes of the armed forces, volunteers and the tribes' sons in the recent battles must be given the attention from officials in various positions, and to draw conclusions and lessons to benefit from them in the coming battles, including the importance of providing all the available means and facilities to the fighting forces, making their needs come first before all other needs that may be postponed to another time when the financial situation of the country gets better, beyond the current stifling crisis. Including also the coordination between the fighting brigades as it is one of the most important factors of the recent victories."
Adding: " So, the concerned leaderships must make more effort for a further coordination between them. As well as the need of caution and carefulness from the enemy in various fronts, as he takes the opportunity whenever he had it, and when he looses a site he tries to startles at another location. Therefore, the military brigades have to be vigilant and to not allow any infiltration. And we ask the Almighty Allah to forsake the enemy and to accelerate his elimination from our dear country."
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