A high turnout on the Alkafeel food products in the Baghdad International Fair and frequent request to open additional market centers..

There was high turnout at the pavilion of the pavilion of Noor AlKafeel General Trading, Commercial agencies and livestock production within the pavilions of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine in the Baghdad International Fair, and this was one of the most important pavilions that Iraqi families from inside and outside the capital Baghdad have visited with interest thanks to the distinct Alkafeel food products, which are known by their quality and sophisticated industry as well as the factors of halal and their competitive prices.
The red and white meats and their products are the most important productions that have growing demand, followed by food products, and some visitors have came back to the pavilion to buy larger quantities. Alkafeel Network has conducted a questionnaire about the proposals of those who bought these products and there was a consensus on these points:
1- Being hand-slaughtered according to Islamic law "halal"
2- A competitive price compared to its quality and the counterparts in the domestic market.
3- Consumer confidence in terms of storage matter.
4- Nutritional value in these products.
5- Taste of these products which is similar to a large degree fresh products.
6- Brand name "Al-kafeel".
7- These products are related to a holy place, the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine.
8- It is possible to store them for long periods without losing their nutritional value.
9- Selling centers are subject to strict controls through which any kind of defect or error are handled in real time.
10- Availability at all times as not being subkect or affected by any financial crisis or scarcity in market.
11- All the production process is done under the supervision of Iraqi staff according to the regulations and rules of Islamic law.
12- The weight of each piece is conform to published weight on the cover.
13- We feel that we present a service to the visitors of the holy shrines as the profits go for this purpose.

In conclusion the visitors of the pavilion have demanded strongly that those in charge of this project from the department of market centers and agencies of these products expands it in the province of Baghdad and not only in some cities, to enable everyone to get in touch with products away from the manipulation of prices by shops' owners.
The pavilion's responsible of the company, Mr. Abd-Al-Kareem Mohammad Saleh Ali has called through Al-Kafeel Network those who want to access to the agencies or direct sales centers and those who meet the conditions to submit their applications either directly available on the company's headquarter located in the province of Karbala, or contacting throught the following numbers:
1- Public relations (07801966624), Sales and Marketing (07801966621)
2- or through this email address: hq@islamicalkafeel.com
It is to note that Noor Al-Kafeel Company is accustomed to display models of their products in this fair from goods and food products that have exceeded 35 species of animal products from red and white meats and their products, and other products such as rice, oil, tomato paste, etc. And the company works for the marketing to the citizens in Karbala and other provinces through direct sales offices. Its products are characterized by their high quality and specifications conforming to the quality and global health standards subject to Iraqi quality control, and the pavilion is a meeting point for the attendees of the Fair as well as representatives of the participating companies.
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