Sayed. Al-Safi: The politicians have to learn from the secondary school students..

The ideological education and the walking on the path of our holy Imams (peace be upon them), has produced over the years generations with extremely tender and generosity, and they have surpassed many of the adults in their sacrifice' attitudes for the defense of the land of sanctities, and each stage though which passes our dear country, many of these models are born to be the role models to follow, and the best proof of that is their honoring position in the major confrontation waged by the children of the country while they are fighting the atonement and atheism gangs of ISIS..
This is what it has been explained by Sayed. Al-Sadi in the sermon of Friday prayer held on the 30th of Muharram 1437 AH in the holy shrine of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) when he showed few coins donated by the students in secondary school in support of the popular mobilization, and said:
"I hold in my hands now, few coins that they have saved from their daily expenses, and it goes from one to one thousand Dinar, as they only owe this, and this is a generous position from them in the defense of the country, and despite being small contribution, but significant, as they only owe this money but still they offer, to be a strong message on the state officials, the wealthy and the decision-makers, who can help but don't. In reality these boys are the pride of the country, and the politicians have to learn from them."
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