Hussayni service processions: What we offer to the visitors of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) is done thanks to the forces of the popular mobilization..

One of the service processions
It is not strange that questions are raised during the sorrow seasons, including the need to deduct the money spent on the Hussayni service processions to spend it on the popular mobilization! But this is far from reality, as the one who walks and see these Hussayni processions in Karbala and on the roads leading to it, will find that most of them have devoted a large part of the donations this year to sustain the victories of the popular mobilization and to, and these processions and their servants are then an important supporter of those fighters, and they have conducted convoys of food and logistics at a critical time, when Iraq was on the brink of the pit of destruction, and the people of these Hussayni processions were those who answered the call of the religious authority for the defence of Iraq and its sanctities. And this is the reality of these service processions that have stated when we spoke to them "One hand is serving the visitor and the other one is protecting them."
And some of them have wrote influential phrases : "We apologize for the visitors of Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) this year, as we dedicated the bulk of our efforts and our donations to provide support to the popular mobilization and the armed forces who are defending the homeland and the holy places.."
And there are hundreds of voluntary funds and supporting institutions that are harnessed to support the popular mobilization and the security forces in order to achieve victory, God willing. And life does not stop, and it continues with the rituals and Hussayni service, education, Jihad for the sake of Allah and the homeland, and other parts of life that continues to be vibrant of life, all praise to Allah.
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