Children participating in the march of Arba'een.. (with pictures)

The Hussayni buds are growing in the land of At-Taf to become stronger, as a beacon telling the philosophy of generations through the ages, representing the eternal love of the Master Aba Abdillah Al-Hussayn, his family and companions martyred on the land of Karbala.
Therefore, many children participate in the timeless march of Arba'een through the Hussayni service of the visitors, with their families, and the Hussayni condolences processions, being part of the Latm and Zinjeel processions, while other distribute water, tea and various food and services to the visitors from the begining of this blessed Ziyarat.
They are infants, toddlers and children of differetn ages, all walking on this Hussayni path like did their parents and grandparents as it is a Hussayni doctrine and innate faith.
Al-Kafeel camera took few pictures spotting the participation of the children.
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