The completion of manufacturing the inscribed stripes of the new grid of Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him)..

With artistic harmony mixed with high determination and will inspired from Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (Peace be upon him), the factory staff of shrines and grids' manufacture of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, have completed in a record time the manufacturing of the three inscribed stripes made of copper metal to be coated by blue enamel before starting the final installation according to the linear and decorative designs prepared for this work.
These inscribed stripes are located in the upper part of the holy grid, as follows:
1- A band on which was inscribed old poetry verses of Sayed Mohammad Jamal Al-Hashemi describing the holy shrine using the Thuluth calligraphy by the Iraqi calligrapher Dr. Radwan Bahiyah, the band ascends the knotworks of 7 mm of thickness and 18 cm of height.
This inscribed stripe consists of several parts surrounding the net from four sides, as the length of each part is of 120 cm and each piece (the poem's verses) is separated by a circle "Tarra", in the middle of which is written one of the names of Allah, to be a link between the parts and installed in a special way on the wooden structure.
2- A band on which was inscribed Quranic verses located 5 cm on top of the poetic band (number 1) and surrounding the grid from four sides too, each piece is separated from the other by decorative patterns made by the Iraqi calligrapher Ahmed Naji. Each piece is of 120 cm of length, 7 cm of thickness and 18 cm of height.
3- A band on which was inscribed Quranic verses ascending the golden decorative frieze, a metal band made of copper on which was inscribed the Chapter of Insan, by the Dr. Radwan Bahiyah, with a height of 185 cm, a thickness of 7 mm and a length of 19,78 m, surrounding the four sides of the grid, that were cut geometrically accordingly with every part of the chapter to not impact the meaning of the verses, which is one of the new additions to the old stripe.
It was taken into account in all these inscribed stripes the beautiful arabic calligraphy, going through several stages down to the final form after taking the necessary measurements and the lines that will carved using CNC technique. Then begin the works of trimming the metal addings, smoothing, polishing and welding the installation links on the wooden structure, and after the confirmation of their compliance with the measurements by linking them to the wood structure, the works of coating them with pure gold and enamel have been completed in the workshops inside the shrines' grids factory at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine using the accurate mixing rates and standards.
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