The Institute of the Holy Quran holds a Quranic session for a group of readers and professors of the Quranic association "Iqra"..

The Institute of the Holy Quran at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has Quranic potential and talents, energies and expertise harnessed to the service of all students, either inside or outside Iraq within an integrated and thoughtful work, such as holding Quranic evenings, Quranic sessions in the memorization, recitation or Tajwid, and others, like what the institute has recently set up, a specialized course in the voice and melody for a group of readers and professors of the Quranic association "Iqra".
This session was under the supervision of the head of the center of preparation of readers and memorizers at the Institute of the Holy Quran, and a group of readers and teachers of the Quranic Association "Iqra" have participated in it from Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
This session came in order to open communication channels between the local and Arab and international Quranic institutions, and in order to teach the participants the voices' tones and melody in a simple way in addition to the training of the beginner readers. The session lasted for three days, during which the participants have received intensive lessons between the theoretical and practical lessons.
It is worth mentioning that this course comes within a set of programs set up by the association in collaboration with the Institute of the holy Quran of the Department of Islamic and humanitarian knowledge affairs at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine.
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