URGENT: The Supreme Religious Authority decides to make the political sermon only during the special occasions and the latest development in the Iraqi affairs and not on a weekly basis..

The Supreme Religious Authority has decided that the second sermon of the Friday prayers (the political sermon ) will not be given on a weekly basis but according the latest development in the Iraqi affairs.
This was the important point stated in the second sermon of Friday prayer of the 25th of Rabi' Ath-Thani 1437 AH corresponding to the 5th February, 2016, which was held in the holy shrine of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) and led by Sayed Ahmed Al-Safi, in which he stated the following:
"Every Friday, we used to read in the second sermon a written transcript representing the visions of the supreme authority in Iraqi affairs. And it was decided that it will not be weekly for the time being, but according to the emerging issues and the requirements of the occasions. Hence, we will only read some passages of the supplication of Imam Ali Ibn Al-Hussayn Zayn Al-'Abideen (peace be upon him) for the People of the Frontiers (Thughoor)..."
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