The popular mobilization enters the Guinness Book of Records..

On Saturday the 18th Jumada Al-Ula 1437 Ah corresponding to the 27th February 2016, a great event was launched in At-Taf Stadium in the holy city of Karbala. It was the world's largest poster on which Iraq's map was painted, including all provinces of Iraq, adorned with logo of the popular mobilization; the protecting shield of Iraq and the watchful eye on its security along with the security forces. This event is held to pay tribute and praise the heroism and sacrifices of the Iraq citizens who have responded to the call of the supreme religious authority and their homeland. and in order to send a message to the whole world that the Iraqi people will stand with courage and steadfastness against anyone tempted to tamper with the land and sanctities of Iraq.
The poster entered the Guiness World Records, as it measured 7200 square meters, breaking the record of India measuring 5900 square meters. The project's idea and supervision was of the Iraqi astronaut Farid Laftah, who chairs the Child Welfare Organization in Iraq, in cooperation with the Warith printing house of the holy shrine of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him). The work on the poster took almost a week for its completion.
Many personalities have delivered their words during this event, to praise the heroism and sacrifices of the volunteers of the popular mobilization for the sake of te protection of the soil of this dear homeland. There was also a jumping of the paratrooper Farid Laftah.
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