The Al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad faught back the ISIL's attack..

The Rage Regiment knights of the Al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad and the Brigade 16 of the popular mobilization have counterattacked the deadliest ISIL attack in Bashir District southern province of Kirkuk, killing 37 terrorists and wounding others, and gave them a lesson of bravery inspired from Al-Abbas (peace be upon him).
They have also burned an armored vehicle (Shovel type) used by the enemy in the attack, in addition to other vehicles. The Force Commander of the Commandos Regiment has explained that the attack began at 12am of the eve of 17th of Jumada Al-Ula 1437 AH corresponding to the 26th February 2016 and continued until dawn. The battalion of armor, artillery and missile support had all a major role in repelling the attack.
It is worth mentioning that this attack was the heaviest attack since that the Squad has sent its forces to the Al-Bashir District four months ago, but the heroes have riposted it with honor and made the enemy's stratagem against it.
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