What Omanis have said about the participation of the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine in Muscat International Book Fair?

We are proud to we see the participation of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine in the exhibitions, including Muscat International Book Fair, as the holy shrines are considered as a cultural and an intellectual beacon for generations and a station of thought of all humanity, about which agree all those who visited the pavilions of the Al-Abbas's holy shrine in the Muscat International Book Fair in its twenty first edition.
This, according to the statement of Mr. Usama Badr, a member of the participating delegation of the holy shrine, who added: "We strive to participate in all scientific festivals, research conferences and international and regional exhibitions, first to deliver the voice of the holy shrines, and secondly to take advantage of other experiences, as through these participations, we have noticed the dazzle of the visitors who have visited the pavilion of the holy shrine, especially that some of them had expected that the holy shrines are places only for Ziyarat and prayer, but seeing the variety of the intellectual and cultural publications at the pavilion has changed this view and perception. The delegation and those in charge of the pavilion had the role to provide a full explanation, not only about what was exhibited in the pavilion but also about all stages of development of the holy shrine, especially the expansion of the service and construction projects in the recent years achieved after the return of the legitimate administration, and that was either inside the fair of throught the visits and tours made by the delegation in some of the universities and research centers."
He concluded: "We hope that this participation will not be the last one, and that we give the correct and clear image about the holy shrines that they are not only holy places for prayer and Ziyarat but they have become -all praise to God- centers for knowledge and forethought in all sciences, inspired by the morals of their owners the immaculate saints buried in them, representing an important part of their intellectual and educational heritage."
It is to mention that the Muscat International Book Fair is a cultural event and a great opportunity for meeting, cultural dialogues, convergence of ideas and creators across various cultural events held within the exhibition, which was attended by more than 650 publishers from 27 Arab and foreign countries.
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