The Al-Abbas's (p) Fighting squad takes the revenge for "Taza" and teaches ISIL a lesson..

The armor, artillery battalions and the guerrilla forces in the Al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad replied quickly to the coward onslaught of the terrorist ISIL gangs on Taza by bombarding this area of the district of Bashir with chemical projectiles.
The outcome of this attack was the killing of 27 terrorists mostly leaders of these terrorist gangs, and wounding several others, burning a number of their vehicles and cutting the hand of Saleh Farhan, the son of one of the ISIL leaders. This was the statement announced by the leadership of the squad, who added: The response will continue and our rockets will reach their specific and precise objectives in the coming hours.
On the other hand, the squad has sent a specialized team to examine and test the ISIL projectiles that have fallen on the area of Taza, confirming that most of them contain chlorine gas in addition to doubts expressed by the experts that some projectiles contained toxic gases that are prohibited internationally, leading to the contamination of about 300 cases.
The people of Taza have renewed their demands to the central government and the commander in chief of the armed forces to launch a military operation to free the castle of Al-Bashir like Anbar and other cities, because it is the greatest threat to this area. Dozens of the people of Taza from Kirkuk province have organized a large demonstration along the international road between Kirkuk and Baghdad, and have threatened to turn off the largest power plant in the absence of the government's response to expedite the liberalization of Bashir village southern the province.
It is noteworthy that the leadership of the Al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad has announced earlier that it had decided to unilaterally liberate the Bashir village, after exhausting all means to convince the security services and the board of the popular mobilization to launch the operation and to declare the zero hour, and the unilateral choice is seriously taking into consideration in the current time, and that the commitment to the instructions of the state does not mean that we do not defend ourselves, and in another level, we can not be patient face to the continuous threat on the area of Taza without taking any action that is imposed to us by our national duty to protect the lives, land and properties.
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