The installation of the remaining knotworks of the shrine's new grid of Aba Al-fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him)..

With the presence and participation of the High Responsible of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; sayed. Ahmed al-Safi and its General Secretary; engineer Mohamad Al-Asheegar, the installation of the remaining knotworks, which was postponed after the installation of some of them in order to allow the workers to install the grid's roof from inside with its internal inscriptions, motifs and Quranic bands, was completed.
The knotworks were fixed and completely installed on the side of Al-Qibla, on its opposite side and on the side of the holy head, with high accuracy making all these pieces look like one block from the wooden structure.
And these knotworks were codified in order to put each on in its dedicated place, as it was initially installed on the wooden structure at the work plant, by taking all engineering and technical measurements according to the specifications set by the staff supervising this project.
It is to mention that each knot-work (Duhan) consists of 238 silver ball and 36 hemispheres that are joined with each other by 501 handles, called "Zabanah," its height is of 23 lines and 12 lines of balls for its width. The thickness of each ball is of 3 mm, while the 6500 handles are of 6mm each, all of which are manufactured of pure silver of 999 carat blended by 2% with pure gold, embraced by a wooden frames coated with silver frame of (1,5mm) and lined with stainless steal frames, all of which joined at a point called the crown of triangle (14 triangle's crowns), also made of pure 22 carat gold with a thickness of (1,25mm) and a compilation of the golden triangles (right and left) made of pure 22 carat Gold, with a thickness of 1mm with a measurement of (77 cm x 52 cm) for each triangle.
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