The Al-Abbas's (p) Squad issued a detailed statement on the military operations launched today in Al-Basheer..

The leadership of the Al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad has issued on this day 22nd of Rajab 1437AH corresponding to the 30th April 2016 a detailed statement on the current military operations launched in Al-Basheer District southern the province of Kirkuk. The statement is as follows:
1- The General Supervisor of the Al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad, Mr. Maytham Al-Zaydi, has declared at six o'clock in the dawn of today Saturday 22nd of Rajab 1437AH corresponding to the 30th April 2016, launch of Al-Basheer liberation operation in its second phase (decisiveness time), by two major axes, the first is the Al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad and the forces stationed with it (Imam Ali's (p) fighting squad and the force of the battalions of the Master of martyrs), starting from Tel Al-Nasr [victory] (former Tel Ahmed) up to the sanctuary built in memory of Imam Ar-Reda (peace be upon him), located south-west the village of Al-Basheer. The second axis is the forces of peshmerga and the forces stationed with it.
In addition to the sixteenth brigade of the Turkmen crowd and under the air cover of the international coalition and the Iraqi Air forces.
2- At one o'clock this afternoon, the left side of the Turkmen Basheer cast was announced liberated, by arriving to the mentioned shrine of Imam Ar-Reda (peace be upon him), and the defences of the terrorist enemy collapse dramatically in front of the attacks of the squad heroes.
3- At four o'clock, the squad leadership has announced that the forces started breaking into the castle of Al-Basheer and the adjacent village "Al-M'amrah" is under the control of the squad forces.
4- The statement has stressed that the liberation operation is over, and tomorrow the forces will continue purging within the city and the nearby areas, to evacuate the bodies of its martyrs, who have participated in the first phases of the operation of honoring the covenant, so that the squad move to the phase of future fortifications and launching reconstruction campaign and returning the residents.
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