A delegation from the Al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad visits the religious authorities, and its general supervisor held a press conference after this visit..

The General Supervisor of the Al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad Mr. Maytham Al-Zaydi has visited along with an accompanying delegation from the departments and representations of the squad in the provinces, on Friday 19th Sha'ban 1437AH corresponding to the 28th May 2016, a group of the religious scholars and figures in Najaf to learn from their blessed guidances and to give them the glad tidings of victory in the operations held recently by the squad, the security forces and the volunteers of the popular mobilization, especially the operations to liberate Al-Bashir and to scure the steadfast Taza, and the liberation operations taking place currently in Falluja.
He has also have a full explanation to their eminences on the latest field and political developments and the conduct of operations in all areas in which the squad participates, as well as the most important tasks and services provided by the squad, including the non combat tasks, such as securing the Ziyarat, supporting the governmental and humanitarian organizations, in addition to provide its vehicles to support the citizens, contributing in the social development plans and to promote the establishment of infrastructures in the holy cities.
For their part, the eminences have given their blessings to the recent victories achieved by the knights and heroes of the squad. Sheikh Najafi stated: "The village of Bashir was deliberate by you." And Sayed Al-Hakim emphasized: "The victory is ours InshaAllah" and all of them prayed the Almighty by the intercession of the Commander of the Faithful (peace be upon him) to give the victory, steadfastness and the lasting success to all the volunteers and the security forces, especially the knights of the Al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad, and praying for the martyrs, as Sheikh Najafi said: "The martyrs blood's drops will be like stars in the hereafter."
The visit was concluded by a press conference held by the General Supervisor of the Al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad, stating these important points:
- Their eminences have given guidances of "non-aggression, sincerity and drawing closer to God" by giving historical examples from the stories of Ahl Al-Bayt (peace be upon them). And the heroic volunteers have given the best examples in performing Jihad with goodness, avoiding to aggress the civilians and their properties, documented by international humantiarian figures.
- Being reassured that the victory is very near, God willing.
-The religious scholars were interested in the situation in Fallujah, as they are calling for more precaution as "our enemy has clowns and we do not have anyone praising us."
- We have explained in detail our duty in the liberation of the Bashir village, and we told them what we did not tell to the media, as we have explained some administrative and financial problems with the board of the popular mobilization.
-We found that their eminences are fully informed of all administrative problems of all competent institutions, but they insist on fighting the enemy at this time, and they are not oblivious of the unconvincing government performance.
- No state has the credit over Iraq, but Iraq is the one that have the credit over those states, because it offers blood and defends indirectly all states.
- We have five tousand fighters, and the volunteers' board have only three thousand, and we have demanded the board to improve and correct this administrative disorder , or we might have to resort to the legal methods. Also we have trained thirty five thousand volunteers in reserve in all provinces last year, and we will repeat this training during the coming month of Ramadan.
- We control many important areas in Karbala, such as Nukhayb, in which only the squad is present. We also present in Balad and Dujayl under the brigade of Sab' Dujayl from the people of Balad and Dujayl, as well as an important presence in Samarra in regard with the Al-'Askari's (p) holy shrine.
- In some of the places we entered, we liberate and control the land.
- Bashir is our commitment, we have liberated it and we are the ones having the control there.
- Through you, we convey a blame of the people of Bashir who have an anguish when seeing the large crowd by the officials in Fallujah, and despite being a positive case, but they wonder along with the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine why the officials did not give the ame interest to Bashir.
- We have a very high coordination with the Peshmerga forces, a coordination based on the mutual respect, and we did not find it difficult to coordinate with them. And as stated with the Peshmerga leaders it is a future project.
- A delegation of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine have visited the Peshmerga martyrs families and the wounded, and we propose that if we are asked to participate in the liberation of Mosul, we will choose the Peshmerga axis, as we are interested in the liberation of Tal'Afar.
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