In order to sustain the momentum of the fight against the criminal gangs: The Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine continues its support to the fighters and the volunteers..

Within the continuous visits of delegations from the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine to the heroes volunteers in the various operation districts, in order to present the support, in compliance with the directives of the supreme religious authority, a delegation from the Department of religious affairs has visited the military troops stationed in the Saqlawiyah, 'Anaz and Abi Ghreyb to present the support and to sustain the fight momentum against the ISIL criminal gangs.

Sheikh Adel Al-wakeel, the deputy head of the Department of Religious Affairs has explained to Al-Kafeel Network the following: "As you know, the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine continues to present its support to the fighters on the battlefields from our security forces and the volunteers, in compliance with the directives of the supreme religious authority. This aid includes food, in-kind material, some clothes gifts and all they need, as those heroes are in dire need of such visits as it makes them feel that there is some kind of care and interest, which gives them a psychological and moral push to continue their victories against the criminal gangs."

Noting: "The visits, which we have conducted on the front berms, and which included the military units from our security forces and the volunteers stationed in the area of 'Anaz at 'Amiryah of Fallujah and the area of Abu Ghreyb and its surroundings as well as the area of Saqlawiyah which was recently liberated by the volunteers. In fact, we have seen their determination, steadfastness and the high morale, stressing to achieve a brilliant victory and to liberate all the land of Iraq from the clutches of terrorist gangs, and through visiting the battlefronts, we must say that the victory is soon, God willing, thanks to the mettle and determination of these heroes."

From their part, the fighters have thanked the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine for its great efforts to deliver aid and to provide them with great support, stressing on their steadfastness and promising further victories until achieving the full victory and cleanse the land of Iraq from the impurity of these criminal gangs.

It is worth mentioning that the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine is continuing to offer its support to the security forces and the volunteers stationed on the battlefields until achieving a brilliant victory, God willing.
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